About us

Welcome to GA Institute | Language Specialist

GA Institute | Language Specialist was founded in 2012 in Dubai, UAE.

The founders are French citizens with North African origins. They learned English and Arabic as a second language before moving to Dubai in 2008. After looking for quality Arabic language schools in Dubai to continue their learning, they came to a conclusion: There is nothing available for people willing to speak the language fluently.

Therefore they have founded GA Institute specialised in foreign language teaching.

  • Our objective is to assist you in reaching your objective of speaking the Foreign languages fluently: Arabic, English, French and more.
  • For that, we have decided to teach from the lowest to the highest level of proficiency and
  • to provide short-term as well as long-term courses (yearly based).
  • Our teachers are all Native speakers with language teaching background.
  • We also provide courses for students looking at study abroad programs in an Arabic speaking country

Our passion is to teach the Foreign Languages to second language learners in an immersion environment.

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

  • Our courses are participative and interactive so that all student can participate and get involve in their learning.
  • The course materials are multimedia with textbooks, flashcards, audio/ video and mobile application
  • Everyone is also most welcome to meet us during our monthly Free discovery course, learn more.

We have lots of ideas to develop the teaching of Foreign Languages and welcome you to join us and be part of GA Institute | Language Specialist

For more information, contact us.