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When the world used to speak Arabic…

Golden Age Institute | Arabic Language Specialist was founded in 2012 in Dubai, UAE .

The founders are French citizens with north African origins. They learned Arabic as a second language before moving to Dubai in 2008. But, after looking for quality Arabic language schools in Dubai to continue their learning, they came to a conclusion: There is nothing available for people willing to speak the language fluently.

In a country where the Arabic language is the official language and most of the population are expatriate, this seems to be a paradox. Most of the Arabic language courses offered in the market are given by multi languages institutes, without the focus on a particular language. Their core business is to teach a little bit of everything, which could be good however the flipside is that their main target is beginners. Their promise: learn a language in 20hours. Do you believe in that ? we don’t.

  • Our objective is to assist you in reaching your objective of speaking the Arabic language fluently.
  • For that, we have decided to be specialised, to teach from the lowest to the highest level of proficiency and to provide long term courses.
  • Our teachers are all Native Arabic speakers with language teaching background.

So, why did we call the institute Golden Age ?

We spent a lot of time thinking about the best name for the institute. We looked for an English name so it would be easy to understand by everyone. We looked for a name that had a strong meaning for the Arab world.

We chose Golden Age, the period when the Arabic language was the language to speak. When all books used to be translated from Greek and Latin into Arabic, when researches and discoveries were written in Arabic by researchers living in Europe (Andalusia, Sicilia), Africa, Gulf countries, Asia and up to China.

Our passion is to teach the Arabic Language to non-native speakers in an immersion environment.

We have lots of ideas to develop the teaching of Arabic Language and welcome you to join us and be part of Golden Age Institute | Arabic Language Specialist

We hope our website will respond to your inquiries regarding the Arabic Language.

For more information, contact us.

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