The Secrete of Closing Business Deals in the Gulf Region Revealed.

Are you a businessman or a salesperson and your target clients are Arabs or people who live in the gulf region? Have you been wondering why after much efforts to close a business deal with an Arab person and you did not succeed?  I have a good news for you.

1 Learn and Speak Arabic Language: An Arab person or Arab business owner is found to be very excited as well as feeling at home when he/she finds out that a foreigner speaks Arabic language no matter how little. Many salespersons and marketers have learned this trick and they have invested little time and effort to learn the Arabic language and this has given them an edge over their colleagues.

2 Don’t Make Tall Claims: An average Arab man is naturally smart. Do not claim that you will give him a return of 1 million dollars in a year. Just be simple and sincere during business negotiation.

3 Don’t Put Pressure: An average Arab person likes to take time to meditate before taking decisions. After any business negotiation, avoid and pressurizing him on the next step. Let him take his time. When he is ready, he will take his decision and he will stick to his decision.

4 Be Generous and Ensure Protection: Among all ethics, Arabs are known for generosity and protection. A typical Arab man wants to see that another person is growing and progressing through his investment. He wants to see that the business deal will ensure this. Another most valued ethics with Arabs is protection. You must explain clearly, in a simple manner how the deal or the business will be protected from bankruptcy. An Arab man would not entertain failure and excuses.

5 Be Bold with Sincerity: When you are in a deal with the gulf people, be nothing less than sincerity and you have to be bold with it. By being bold with sincerity, I mean that you are honest in business deal and people know you for that.

6 Loyalty, Humility and Smart Look: Gulf people are loyal to their leaders. They are exhibit humility to their elders and partners. They like smart views. The moment you realize these things, you will be their best friend.







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