French Courses

Parlez-vous français?

Learning French at GA Institute allows you to improve in a quick and efficient manner your level. All of our teachers are qualified and native French speakers.

We offer courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. You will quickly improve your French by speaking and working on the grammar, in a fun and trendy Institute 🙂

The method we use is internationally recognised and based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) that guarantees you to study in an organised and gradual way intended for Non-native language learners.


JLTGeneral Evening
Beginner Level
22/04/2018 Sundays and Thursdays - Twice per week 7pm to 9pm999AED (20h) or 1,799AED (40h)
JLTGeneral Evening
Beginner Level
18/04/2018Monday's and Wednesday's - Twice per week 7pm to 9pm999AED (20h) or 1,799AED (40h)
JLTGeneral Weekend Beginner Level
27/04/2018Fridays- Once per week 10am to 12pm999AED (20h) or 1,799AED (40h)
DSOGeneral EveningBeginner Level
22/04/2018Sundays and Tuesday - Twice per week 7pm to 9pm999AED (20h) or 1,799AED (40h)
JLT/DSOGeneral French _ RamadanBeginner, Elementary &
20/05/2018Sunday to Thursday -_ 4pm to 6pm999AED (20h) or 1,799AED (40h)
JLTDELF PreparationA127/04/2018Fridays- Once per week 9am to 12pm999AED (20h)

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