Do you speak Arabic ?

Spoken MSA

Speak Arabic Now !

If you cannot commit to a long term course, register to a shorter one for 20 hours.

Take advantage of the decrease of work load during summer and Ramadan to learn Arabic.

We offer you flexible Spoken Arabic (MSA) courses delivered over 5 weeks with a frequency of 2hrs twice per week (3 times per week and special timings during Ramadan).

This program has been specially designed to teach you practical conversational Arabic without spending time on reading and writing.

Various levels are available whether you are Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Planning & Timings

Choose when you want to start and join the below sessions.

Spoken MSA May to Sept 2015

Spoken MSA Timing 2015

How to register ?

If you are not a beginner, we will invite you for a placement to identify your level.

Price: 1200 AED + 100 AED (One time registration fee for new students)

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