4 Reasons to Learn a New Language

John MacWhorter, Linguist and Columbia professor, founds four great benefits of learning an unfamiliar tongue. In this TED video, he explains in a brilliant way why learning a new language is so important for all of us :

1.Change the way we think

A language channels your thoughts, and the vocabulary and the grammar of different languages gives everybody a different kind of acid trip, so to speak. That is a marvelously enticing idea, but it’s kind of fraught.

2.Bilingualism is healthy

It’s been shown that if you speak two languages, dementia is less likely to set in, and that you are probably a better multitasker. And these are factors that set in early, and so that ought to give you some sense of when to give junior or juniorette lessons in another language. Bilingualism is healthy.

3.Languages are fun

Languages are just an awful lot of fun. Much more fun than we’re often told. So for example, Arabic: “kataba,” he wrote, “yaktubu,” he writes, she writes. “Uktub,” write, in the imperative.What do those things have in common? All those things have in common the consonants sitting in the middle like pillars. They stay still, and the vowels dance around the consonants. Who wouldn’t want to roll that around in their mouths? You can get that from Hebrew, you can get that from Ethiopia’s main language, Amharic. That’s fun.

4.It is easy to learn a new language

In the new era, it has become so easy to teach ourselves a new language or find a great institute which helps us achieve our goal within a short period of time : Golden Age makes arabic learning easier for you, we are just a call away from you 🙂

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