#2 Arabic Halaqa update

What happened during the last Arabic Halaqa on Saturday ?

Here below a brief summary of what happened with our two groups during the Arabic conversation Halaqa at Fraiche café on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Beginner level

Beginners learned how to introduce themselves in Arabic with name, nationality, etc, as well as how to give their phone number.

Attendees Nationalities : Sri Lankan, American, Portuguese, French, Moroccan.


Intermediate level

Intermediates learned words and expressions related to the restaurant, food, etc. The objective was to be able to practice within the Fraiche Café itself.

Attendees Nationalities : Italian, Chinese, French, Algerian.

Both subjects discussed for beginners and intermediates were practical so as to be applied immediately after leaving the Halaqa.

Everyone really enjoyed it.

Arabic Halaqa in pictures


Join us at the next Halaqa planned on Saturday 8th November in JLT Park. Thanks to the nice weather, we will start going outside and discuss about Parks, Outside activities and more.

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