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Learn Arabic and More

Are you looking for quality courses, provided byprofessional teachers, with various timings ? We have what you need.

Modern Standard Arabic (M.S.A)

  • M.S.A is Arabic Language that is common to all Arab countries. It is the standard Arabic language for business, politics, economy and social life. We use simple and easy method to make you understand and speak Arabic within a short period of time.
  • Our focus is teaching you how to read, write and speak the Arabic language in a preferred flexible schedule that will not conflict with your working hour. We deliver private teaching and group teaching according to the requirements of our students.
  • We leverage professionals and experienced teachers who use the latest and easiest tools to impact on Arabic grammar, conjugation, verbal expression, reading and speech ,making.
  • We use “Khitab Al Assassi” which is the method of employing foundational text books to make it easy and simple to our students.
  • Speak Arabic today and increase your chances of closing business deals.

Textbooks and Course Materials.

  • Golden Age Institute provides the latest Arabic textbooks to students. We use textbooks written by professional Arab linguists who have excelled in the field of pedagogy in applied linguistics.
  • Our library is a bank of knowledge with compendium of tools and applications that will help deliver satisfactory values to our students. Golden age institute is concerned with your success in excelling in Arabic language skills.
  • Golden Age Institute provides internet facility, computers and reading rooms for students to enable and facilitate exciting learning environment.

Levels of Proficiency

  • The Beginners: The beginners are the students who do not know anything in Arabic language. A beginner begins from the scratch, learning Arabic letters, sound and basic Arabic words. Golden Age Institute has program that trains and teaches the beginners from the very start to the highest level of proficiency in Arabic language. We use the Khitab Al Assassi, the foundational and basic books and facilities to engage students making the learning interesting and exciting at all time.
  • The Intermediate: At the intermediate Arabic language level, you have gained some proficiency in your new language and feel a little more at home with it. It is now time to expand your skills. Remember to define and redefine your goals and objectives. Then you need to rate yourself regularly to celebrate your accomplishments and work on weaknesses. Golden Age Institute is here to support and guide you to step up to the next level of excellency in Arabic language proficiency.
  • Advanced Learners: During the transition period from the intermediate stage to the advanced stage, something clicks. Suddenly everything that had been difficult so far (in terms of comprehension and oral skills) becomes easy. Understanding native speakers, following a TV show and reading newspapers are possible. Building sentences is done effortlessly. After this point language learning continues without so much effort on the learner’s part. You can use the language in real life situations to increase your knowledge and ability, often without the help of course or language course books. At this stage in the learning process you can begin to explore the rich tapestry of the language and build on a deeper understanding of the workings of the language.The rate of one’s learning must be adapted to the specific features of each stage. Getting to grips with the challenges is the key. Then it is a question of tackling the challenges presented at each stage of learning.

Flexible Course Delivery: Golden Age structures the delivery methods to fit the schedules at all levels of learners.

  • One to one lecture delivery
  • Small group
  • Immersion

Bespoke Corporate Courses: This is a tailored system we use to teach the corporate business entities Arabic language in other to communicate with their Arabic clients better and professionally. It is a professional corporate, business Arabic that will help you increase your efficiency n closing deals in your business.

Specialty Courses: We offer other special courses such as

  • Business Arabic
  • Emirates Dialect
  • Egypt Dialect
  • Calligraphy
  • Spoken Arabic
  • Lebanese Dialect
  • Syrian Dialect
  • Islamic Arabic
Your second language, our first priority !
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)
    • MSA is the Arabic language common for all Arab countries. The language of the media, politics and culture.
  • Textbooks and courses materials
    • All students are provided with textbooks and course materials
  • Wide range of proficiency
    • Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, we offer courses for all levels.
  • Flexible course delivery
  • Bespoke courses designed for Corporate.
  • Speciality courses
    • In addition to Modern Standard Arabic, we offer speciality courses such as:
    • Business Arabic, Islamic Arabic, Egyptian Dialect, Emirati Dialect and culture, Calligraphy. .