Corporate courses – Speak your clients’ language

Speak your clients’ language

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE, is currently the tallest tower in the world. Among all its infrastructure projects, Saudi Arabia is planning to builSpeakClientLanguaged a taller one reaching more than a kilometre high. Qatar has been selected by the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) to host the 2022 world cup. The work to be done is huge but the country has the financial resources to finance it. Gulf Cooperation Council states have shown a sustainable growth during the time of crisis and many opportunities of business are available.  On the other hand, these countries have a population of Arabic speakers and speaking the language is a real advantage to succeed in doing business in this region.

So, make Arabic language a deal maker for you and not a deal breaker.

Speak the language of your clients

Why spending for Arabic language courses for your workforce?

Language is the currency of marketing. Learning Arabic is important to the business owners and workers in Dubai and the Gulf region. As far as we acknowledge that getting clients for your business is about money, but communication is the real key. In order for someone to become your client, they must first understand what you are offering, relate your offer to something they want or need, grasp how your service can help them, and determine that you are the right person to do what’s needed.

To accomplish these milestones, you and your clients must be speaking the same language. But all too often, this is not the case. But accomplishing the milestone of speaking the language of your client will skyrocket you or your business to unexpected high. Learning Arabic at Golden Age will help you to:

Communicating with your clients in a way that allows you to hear their most important concerns and goals

Providing your clients the best service by playing to your own strengths

Creating the kind of tight focus that allows clients to make quality decisions about you as their potential Advisor.

Speaking Arabic in Arab land is also crucial because of the following reasons

  • There are financial incentives for learning Arabic. The US government made Arabic as a language of strategic importance. The National Strategic Language Initiative instituted in 2006 promotes the learning of Arabic (and other languages deemed critical) among Americans through numerous scholarships and supported learning opportunities.
  • Arabic-speaking nations are a fast growing market for trade. Initiatives to integrate the Arab world into the global economy are opening up numerous potential new business opportunities. The Arab region with its rapidly growing population provides a huge export market for goods and services. With a GDP of over 600 billion dollars annually, the region also has much to offer the world market. In order to do business effectively, one must understand the language and culture of the people with whom one hopes to negotiate and conduct trade.
  • Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken native language in the world. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and there are well over 300 million native speakers of the language. These speakers are largely concentrated in the Middle East, but there are minority groups of native speakers throughout the world. It is also an official language of the United Nations, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the African Union.
  • Arabic-speaking peoples have made significant contributions to world civilization. While Europe was experiencing the relative intellectual stagnation of the middle Ages, the Arab-Islamic civilization was at its zenith. Arabs contributed a great deal to the advancement of science, medicine, and philosophy. Much learning from the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine cultures was preserved for the world through the Arab libraries. Arabs have also made significant contributions in such areas as literature, mathematics, navigation, astrology, and architecture. Knowledge of Arabic enables the exploration of this vast body of knowledge in their original language.

The former West-German chancellor Willy Brandt said: «If I sell you something, I will speak your language. But if I buy something, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen [then you must speak German].”How your clients describe your products? What words do they use? Make sure you use the same.

Training and Development is key to attract and retain talents to any company. Not only training provides additional skills but also contributes to staff motivation.

You are willing to impress your customers for a presentation, an important meeting or to enter a new market ?

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