One to one

ONE TO ONE PLAN: 20 or 30 hours modules

Private and semi-private courses

You have a busy schedule and cannot commit to regular classes, but still you are willing to learn Arabic during your spare time, then go for the One to one plan.

 At the Golden Age institute, personalized learning approach is one to one instruction. A highly qualified teacher will be working with one student throughout every learning session. In order to speed up progress, each teaching moment is optimized to accommodate for a student’s:

  • Understanding: At every step the teacher evaluates and adjusts instruction.
  • Learning style: Instructional methods leverage student learning strengths.
  • Pace: The pace of instruction slows when the student struggles and accelerates when the student “gets it.”
  • Motivation:The teacher finds the most effective ways to encourage and motivate each students

One to one is a 20 hour module of transformational system which we use to dedicate all efforts to a single student such that the goal of ensuring acquisition of Arabic language is maintained. Each student is assigned to a particular professional Arabic teacher whose work is to make sure that the student speaks, writes and develops listening skill in Arabic language within a targeted period of time. As we noticed, some people like group learning while others prefer private or one to one learning, we are interested in making sure that any of your need is met.

One to One Advantages

  • Private or Semi-private (One to one, One to two, One to three and more)
  • Courses offered either at our premises or at your location*
  • Planned as per your schedule
  • Modern Standard Arabic or Specialty (Spoken, Business Arabic, etc)
  • Courses organized by module of 20 or 30 hours, depending on your level



Number of Students

AED Price* / Student / 20H

AED Price* / Student / 30H

One to One




One to Two




One to Three and More

3 to 10



*excluding transportation fees starting 30AED per visit, in case courses are provided at your location

Registration fees of 300AED for new students

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