Go through the below list of Frequently Asked Questions grouped by domain.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.


1. General

Q1.1: Is Golden Age Institute | Arabic Language Specialist certified by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), UAE Ministry of Education ?

A: Yes, the institute and all its activities are certified by KHDA, UAE Ministry of Education.

Q1.2: Can I have courses arranged in my home or my workplace ?

A: Yes, we provide One to one and Semi-private courses that can be provided at your location. Extra charges apply to cover transportation cost. Another alternative provided are online courses.

Q1.3: Do you provide courses for children ?

A: Yes, we do. If you are interested, please visit our page Arabic For Kids.

Q1.4: Do you provide classes for Ladies only ?

A: Yes, if we get the minimum number of students with same level.

2. Arabic Language

Q2.1:Do you teach Classical Arabic or Spoken Arabic ?

A: We provide both Classical Arabic, also known as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and Spoken Arabic (MSA, Dialects: Emirati, Lebanese / Syrian, Egyptian). In addition, we also provide other specialities such as Business Arabic, Islamic Arabic and Calligraphy.

Q2.2: What is method do you use to teach Arabic ?

A: We use a well established method specially designed for non-native Arabic speakers called “AlKitab AlAssassi”. This method is used by numerous universities and private institutes around the world and has proven to be among the best.

Q2.3: How many students are there per group for Evening and Week End classes ?

A: There are up to 14 students per classroom.

3. Immersion Plan

Q3.1: Do the prices include Flight and Hotel ?

A: Prices only include Arabic courses. For assistance in booking Flight and Hotel, contact us .

Q3.2: Do you arrange for students visas ?

A: We do not arrange for students visas therefore, you will have to apply for a tourist visa during your period of stay.

4. Registration

Q4.1: What are the payments methods allowed ?

A: For yearly courses, you can pay by 1 or 2 installments. Payments can be done by Post Dated Cheques, Cash or Bank transfer. For other courses, Payments have to be done before the courses start.

Q4.2: What are the documents required to register ?

A: In order to register, you will have to provide

  1. A valid passport with valid visa (or Emirates ID)
  2. Two ID size photos.
  3. Students Registration Form duly completed
  4. Registration Fees up to 500AED

Q4.3: What will happen if I lost my job and have to go back to my home country ?

A: If unfortunately this happens, report quickly the case to your course administration and we will find a suitable solution. For students who registered for an academic year, based on justification, we will reimburse the terms that have not started.

Q4.4: I am interested in a Resident program over an academic year, however I know that I travel regularly and will miss some classes. How can I catch up ?

A: You have multiple options to catch up a class.

  • Ask your class mates to provide you with the notes
  • Courses will be recorded, and available online for a limited period
  • Take private lessons with your class teacher before the next class (Price of One to one applies)
5. Students

Q5.1: I would like to get private classes with my class teacher, can I ask him / her, directly ?

A: All communications regarding additional courses and planning have to be done with the course administration.

Q5.2: Will there be assessment exams or will we automatically move to the next level after the number of hours required are completed ?

A: Each level will be validated by an assessment exam that covers the same points taught in class.

Q5.3: What if I fail to the level assessment or the End of year examination ?

A: If you fail, you will have a chance to resit the exam after one week. If you fail again, you will have to take private courses with your class to catch-up the required level (Price of One to one applies).

Q5.4: In the group courses, knowing that there is a minimum number of student per class. What will happen if the number drops during the year, will the class stop as well ?

A: The minimum number is required to open a class, however if students drop after classes have started, the class will still continue until the end of the year.

Q5.5: Will we get a certificate at the end of the year ?

A: At the end of an Academic year, you will receive an in-house certificate approved by KHDA (ministry of Education).

Q5.6: Who to contact if I am late or absent to a class ?

A: Call as early as possible the course administration on +971 44 533 046 or email admin@goldenage.ae

The maximum number of absence authorized in 3 and will require justifications.

Q5.7: Do you provide access to a Virtual Learning Environment to allow professors and students to communicate online ?

A: Yes, we are planning to provide a VLE in a second stage after the opening.

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