Hear From Our Students- Bing

Meet Bing- someone who is both student and teacher! A teacher of Chinese, she started learning Arabic to connect better with her students.

I’m always wanting to learn a new language when I’m teaching. Because if I know the pronunciation of the language students speak, I’ll know which part is difficult for them and which part is easy for them… so we don’t need to waste time and we can just have the focus.

Her favourite thing to say in Arabic is ‘assalamu-alaikum’.

Most of the time when I go outside, I always say ‘assalamu-alaikum’ and ‘ma-salaama’; it’s a greeting. When I meet some people, for example in the elevator in our building, I will ask them ‘ma ismuka?’ and we can start to talk.

As a teacher herself, she recognizes good teaching when she sees one!

It’s really great because I think the teachers here are- first of all- very professional, and also, they’re very patient. And the most important thing is that we are not only learning something from the book. We learn something that is very useful, something that people use in their daily lives and on the street. So that’s what’s most important for us.

Learn Arabic with GA Institute, and you too can make new connections just like Bing!

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