Islamic Arabic

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Learn the language of the Quran this summer

Enroll into our 20h module of Islamic Arabic and improve your Arabic language skills on the following subjects:

  • Reading Quran
  • Generalities about Islam
  • Pillars
  • Sunna
  • Caliphates
  • and more

Beginner levels will only focus on reading Quran based on the method called Qaida Nuraniya.

Intermediate and Advanced levels will be focusing on vocabulary and expressions related to Islam on the themes listed before.

Planning & Timing

June to August Planning Islamic 2015

Timing Islamic Arabic 2015

Other courses provided during our Arabic summer camp include:

  • Spoken Arabic (MSA) and Arabic for Kids

Courses given to small groups of 6 to 14 students.

 Price : 1,200 AED*

 * 100 aed registration fees, applicable to new students.

Seats are limited !

Register Now_July2014 For more information, contact us