#LanguageFacts – Part Dos!

There are many intriguing facts that the world of languages has to offer. From weird words to cultural exclusives, here are some interesting facts about the languages taught here at GA Institute.


English is the language of the air!

The International Civil Aviation Organization standard is that English is the only official “universal” language for telephony in civil aviation. Air Traffic Controllers must be able to speak English and the local language, if it is different. Pilots must be able to speak English or the local language. English must be spoken if the pilot requests.

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Ever felt sick after eating too much dessert? Or felt a metaphorical sweetness overload while watching a cheesy romantic movie?

The Spanish have a word for that- empalagarse.  So if you ever need to explain why you want a glass of milk to go with your chocolate cake, say ‘empalagarse’!

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