Open Registration for Academic Year 2015 / 2016 – Early Bird Offer

Back to School – You live in Dubai, learn Arabic the right way !

Registration is open for the Arabic Language classes for the period of September 2015 to June 2016

The Academic Year is split into 3 terms:

  • Term 1: September to December 2015
  • Term 2: January to March 2016
  • Term 3: April to June 2016

Courses are delivered by our experienced and professional native Arabic teachers.

We use a proven method blended with various tools such as Textbooks, Writing book, TV, Powerpoint, Flashcards, Audio and mobile application.

The course teaches to Read, Write, Speak and Understand the language however, or main focus is to teach you to SPEAK.

All levels of proficiency are available with 4 level groups and 15 Levels :

  • Beginner (level 1 to 3), Intermediate (level 4 to 7), Advanced (level 8 to 11) and Expert (level 12 to 15).

Register to 1 Year or 1 Term only.

Early Bird Offer : Any registration before Thursday 20th August will get 10% discount on course fees.

Courses available (Prices mentioned for 1 year):

  1. Evening – 100H, 1 x 3h per week from 7pm to 10pm. Price: 3,900 AED
  2. Evening – 200H, 2 x 3h per week from 7pm to 10pm. Price: 6,900 AED
  3. Week-end – 130H, 1 x 4h per week. Price: 4,900 AED
    1. Friday 8am to 12pm or 2pm to 6pm
    2. Saturday 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm
  4. Daytime weekdays – 130H from 9am to 11am, 2 x 2h per week. Price: 4,900 AED
  5. Kids Daytime – 130H from 4pm to 6pm, 2 x 2h per week. Price: 4,900 AED

Add 300AED registration fees

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