Ramadan Etiquette Tips

During the time of the holy month of Ramadan, those not actively participating in it may find it difficult to understand the spirituality of it. Here are some tips on proper Ramadan etiquette:

  1. It is customary to wish your Muslim friends ‘Ramadan Kareem’ or ‘Ramadan Mubarak’. This lets them know that you hope they have a blessed Ramadan. And don’t be shy to say it back if someone says it to you!
  2. The spirit of charity is especially present during Ramadan. This is a great time to get involved with charitable associations, many of whom hold Ramadan camps.
  3. If you wish to listen to music in public, do make sure to use headphones to respect the sanctity of the month.
  4. Show respect for those of your friends who are fasting by not eating food or drinking water in front of them. Even if you are not fasting, it’s always nice to show your support for friends who are!

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