Ramadan: Learn the Terms!

Ramadan is the month when millions around the world fast from sunrise to sunset in an attempt to be closer to God. The annual observance of the Ramadan fast is considered to be one of the most important practices in Islam and is very important in the culture of Dubai, so why not familiarize yourself with some common terms you may hear this season?

Suhoor: This refers to the pre-fast meal eaten early in the morning right before Fajr, the sunrise prayer.

Iftar: The meal that everyone hastens to eat, iftar is the meal eaten at sunset to break the day’s fast. Following iftar, Muslims generally go to their local mosque for Maghrib, the sunset prayer.

Zakat: Charity is an important concept in Islam, even more so during the month of Ramadan. Zakat refers to the charity that Muslims are required to give, equating to about 2% of their savings.

Whether its iftar parties or workplace chit-chat, make sure that you’re never out of the conversation with these terms this Ramadan; to learn Arabic easily, check out our Arabic classes here.



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