Should My Child Learn A New Language?

Teaching your child a second (or even third) language can be a daunting task for most parents, but the rewards often outweigh the effort in this endeavour. Here are a few reasons why you should start teaching your children a new language as early as possible:

  1. Starting out early helps the child achieve a more native-like pronunciation of the language, the benefits of which are clear.
  2. Knowing a second language- especially in the UAE- will help your child have a wider worldview and a better appreciation for their friends from different cultures
  3. Early language instruction can bring lasting improvements to a child’s overall academic and social ability, helping them do better in school.

The main benefit is obviously that you’ll be giving your child a lifelong skill that will help them communicate both as a child and as an adult. Knowing a second language is a skill whose value will only increase as your child matures, and that is something that is priceless.

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