What language does Santa speak ?

Who receives the highest number of letters each year in the month of December?

Bingo ! it is Santa and his team of Elves.

In December 2013, they were expecting to receive more than 8 million letters as per the data gathered from Universal Postal Union (an inter-governmental organisation that coordinates postal policies across 192 member nations) and posted in an article published by CNN and titled “Dear Santa: How many letters do you get every year?”[1].

The same article provides the ranking of countries that sent the largest number of letters at end of year 2012.

Here below the Top 10 ranking:

  1. France – 1,700,000
  2. Canada – 1,350,000
  3. USA – 1,000,000+
  4. Brazil – 964,315
  5. Great Britain – 800,000+
  6. Finland – 550,000
  7. Russia – 350,000
  8. Germany – 300,000
  9. Australia – 150,000
  10. Ireland – 130,000

And the first Arab country is … Lebanon ranked 15th with 8,800 letters.

As per the legend, Santa lives in the north pole. There are lots of letters sent from Scandinavian countries that he must understand, but what about letters sent by other kids in their mother tongue. How does Santa manage to understand these precious gifts requests?

Well, I am sure you have seen Santa in the streets of Paris, New York or Madrid and he always spoke the local language 😉

So, no doubt Santa is a polyglot and guess where he has taken his language courses…


source: [1]